Vision & Values

College Vision:
The vision of the Georgian-American Nursing College is to be a leading vocational educational institution in the field of nursing both in the country and in the Caucasus region with high qualifications and employment rates, close and diverse educational-entrepreneurial partnerships with a team of professional staff.
College values:
  • Professional vocation;
  • Employment care and continuous cooperation with the leading clinics of the country;
  • Introduction of modern practices and technologies in teaching;
  • Inclusiveness and empathy;
  • Constant striving for self-development;
  • Team work;
  • Transparency;
  • Progress and support for innovation;
  • Protection of human rights;
  • Internationalization.
Contact us
65 Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia (Postal Code: 0144)
032 274 74 08