Georgian-American Nursing College


  • Working out and implementation of professional programs according to modern standards, as a result there will be provided to train specialists with a high competence and competitive professional qualification in the international labor market;
  • Protection of principles of continuous teaching and education;
  • To satisfy demands on qualified personnel of the society and Government with a professional education;
  • To provide specialists of the relevant field with a high quality education and competitive ability;  preparing specialists of the relevant field by implementing competitive professional educational programs, who will be able to adapt to changeable, development-oriented labor market, promote the development of their own field of activity;    
  • Enactment of American and European systems for educational and control of professional activity and quality management.

The aim of vocational education is to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge and clinical skills required for the nursing activity, on the basis of that, the students will successfully fulfill a practicing nurse’s professional role and functions according to basic values of nursing profession, ethical and legal aspects. 

  • Shall provide each vocational student with conditions of education, training and development according to special necessity;
  • Shall attract qualified academic staff;
  • Shall take care of professional development of its academic and support personnel;
  • Shall promote vocational students to improve social conditions;
  • Shall take care to create learning conditions for vocational students with disabilities;
  • Shall promote to spread modern knowledge and methods;
  • Shall cooperate with other different educational facilities of Georgia;
  • Shall facilitate international cooperation and mutual exchange of vocational students and teachers with appropriate  educational institutes;
  • Establishing learning-professional partnership relations with employers; promotion of graduates’ employment.
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13 . 04 . 2022
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